What can you do after obtaining an MBA Degree?



Probably many of you ask yourselves whether an investment in an MBA programme will ever pay off. Simon asked himself the very same question and even though many of the major researches on the topic confirmed that education pays off, he struggled to find types of existing options that MBA graduates can take other than listings with types of careers. Based on his own experience, he actually concluded that MBA graduates can do a whole lot after they finish their education.

1. Become a teacher at a college:

After you obtain your degree, you are qualified to apply at local universities and colleges. Since these institutions ask for someone with experience, do not miss an opportunity to speak, mentor, teach community education classes, deliver panels, etc.

2. Contact your alumni network:

As many other MBA graduates have said, the alumni network is one of the greatest advantages associated with obtaining an MBA degree. Investing time and effort to maintain those relationships can pay off by learning about possible career and business opportunities.

3. Apply for conferences:

Do not hesitate to present your ideas at conferences! Just make sure to learn to develop your ideas and then work on your presentation skills. Hurry up and look around for any conferences related to your industry and contact them.

4. Learn new skills:

It is true that your MBA degree has given you general business training. However, do not stop developing your set of skills. A good option is taking a MOOC for example.

5. Explore career options:

After obtaining an MBA degree and updating your resume, you can start considering whether your organisation/company provides options for development. If you feel that you are limited, you might consider other available job opportunities.

6. Rotary/civic organisation:

Organisations, such as Rotary International, are always looking for skilled members, who are also passionate about resolving certain world issues. You will also have the chance to meet other business leaders and people who want to contribute to a certain cause.

Getting an MBA degree is certainly an investment not only in terms of money, but also time and effort. If you really want to get the most of your degree, you should try being more proactive, meaning exploring available options, rather than just waiting around for something to come your way.


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