Cabinet, is one of the few law firms (traffic accident, compensation to the victims of the road) exclusively dedicated to the cars Act and in this context is brought to treat many cases of compensation to victims of accidents on the road) (road accident Attorney / lawyer road kill / staff attorney) with very serious as paralysis, fractures, amputations, brain injury, quadriplegia…

Objectives of the Badinter Act?

The law of July 5, 1985, called “ley BADINTER” aims to speed up the procedures for compensation for the victims of the road. ”

Laudable objective, but this law has, however, the risk for an accident victim: delays in compensation…

Injury lawyers experts staff advise on fair compensation that depends on you as a result of the accident that caused his injury. You learn more?

The firm, his lawyer road death,

they will be able to negotiate their right to be compensated in full for your injury.

Harms caused to victims of the road?

Victims (traffic accidents) are not the same before their injury in service were pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, drivers, or even segwistes (one who leads a segway) or Segway.


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